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FlightNuts is a place for people who want to:

  • sell frequent flyer miles
  • buy frequent flyer miles
  • trade one kind of miles for another kind of miles
  • use frequent flyer miles to book flights or hotels for someone in exchange for money or barter
  • pay someone (in money or barter) to book them a flight with frequent flyer miles
  • gift frequent flyer miles

FlightNuts is especially useful for:

  • Travelers who almost have enough miles to book a flight but need a few thousand more miles to get there
  • Last-minute travelers
  • Travelers to Hawaii and Mexico and other “exotic but close” destinations
  • Travelers who want to fly business or first class for cheap
  • Travelers who have miles they don’t need and want to turn into cash
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members
  • Read more about these cases: How Can FlightNuts Save Me Money?

How Do I Start?

On FlightNuts, individuals who want to buy, sell, trade, or barter frequent flyer miles or points post listings and connect with each other to make deals. To get started, browse listings from other sellers or buyers or post your own.


I’ve Found an Interesting Listing. Now What?

When you find someone you might want to make a deal with, contact them using the FlightNuts contact form to the right of the listing and negotiate your terms.  You might also want to:

  • Use our transaction calculator to calculate costs and details of your offer or transaction.
  • Check out our tips for conducting safe transactions below.


Why FlightNuts?

There are many ways to earn and redeem miles out there but in many cases, the conventional avenues for buying, selling or trading miles are too slow, too expensive, or too difficult.  Working directly with your fellow travellers has many advantages:

  • Buying miles directly from other travellers can be cheaper than buying miles directly from the airlines.
  • Selling miles directly to other travellers is the best (and in some cases, only) way to get cash for your miles.
  • Trading miles you don’t need for miles you do need is often a MUCH cheaper way to get the miles you need.
  • Booking a flight for someone or having a flight booked for you with miles can be a much cheaper alternative to buying a ticket or buying extra miles.

Take a look at our transaction calculator to get specific estimates for buying, selling and trading the miles that interest you.


Does FlightNuts Participate in Transactions?

Sometimes. If you simply want to find someone who wants to buy or sell miles or points, you can use FlightNuts to make contact and work out the details of your deal yourselves. If you do that, check out the tips for safe transactions below.

Any Tips for Safe Transactions?

Yes, absolutely.

1) If you find someone with whom you might be able to make a deal, get on the phone (or meet in person if you happen to be close). Speaking with a live person is one of the best ways to establish trust and work out details.

2) Follow your airline’s rules and regulations. FlightNuts does not encourage its members to violate the rules or regulations of any airline or rewards program. Click here for a complete list of airlines and rewards programs.

DISCLOSURE: FlightNuts receives compensation for some of the links on the site. Any opinions expressed here have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by our advertising partners.